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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Bioengineering; Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Unyoung Kim

Second Advisor

Silvia Figueira


Pregnant women in low-income communities often lack access to the necessary healthcare for successful births. This is frequently due to the high costs of medical care, the remote location of patients, and the infrequency of primary care medical visits. To address this inequity, we have created a mobile application and imaging unit that allows for the low-cost implementation of urinalysis testing, which will aid in the detection of warning signs for prenatal health risks. From a single photo taken with a tablet camera, our application digitizes the results of a standard urinalysis test strip, displays the test results, and tracks the patient test histories. Using early, affordable urinalysis, we can increase the rates early detection, intervention, and successful pregnancies.

Our results have shown that our solution can accurately estimate the concentrations of biological compounds found in urine when compared to visual approximations of color comparison charts. Our device is not only more efficient than the alternative, but also more efficient at screening for and detecting potentially fatal health conditions in pregnant women. Ultimately, our solution is a frugal and mobile urinalysis alternative that can feasibly be implemented in rural communities in order to increase early detection of pregnancy complications, allow for early intervention, and improve the probability of successful pregnancies.