Changing The World, Empowering Themselves: Women’s Clubs in Environmental History

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Since the early 1800s, women’s clubs and organizations have been at the vanguard of environmental awareness, education, and reform in the United States. This richly illustrated talk, spanning two centuries, will feature a few of their stories—from the vast General Federation of Women’s Clubs to more localized groups including The We Say What We Think Club, Women for a Peaceful Christmas, The League Against Nuclear Dangers [LAND], Women of all Red Nations [WARN], the Smog-a-Tears, and the Cambridge Plant and Garden Club. The importance of oral history in capturing this important record will also be highlighted.

This virtual talk by Dr. Nancy Unger, Professor of History at Santa Clara University, originally aired live on June 9, 2021 and was made possible through support from Ohio Humanities.

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