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Athena Nguyen

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Research Report

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Koe Koe Tech (KKT) in Myanmar embodies the United Nations’ third Sustainable Development Goal: ensuring healthy lives and promoting the wellbeing of all ages.

Myanmar faces tremendous challenges with unsanitary birth practices, lack of access to health information, and inadequate resources. KKT addresses the shortcomings in Myanmar’s health sector by giving patients, hospitals, and government access to quality health information and services.

This report analyzes the impact of KKT’s effort through maymay, its mobile application (app). KKT creates an impact by influencing the lives of women and their respective families. As seen throughout this report, women take care of their families by investing in and sharing quality information.

To understand the effects of KKT’s social impact in Myanmar, we conducted 6 video interviews, 15 in-depth interviews, 82 phone surveys, and analyzed supplemental data provided by Koe Koe Tech Operations Associate, Misja Ilcisin. Our questions were tailored to discern the technological literacy of maymay users, the social impact of maymay, and whether maymay users would be willing to join the Community Champions Program (see the Maymay Strategy Report). Over eight weeks, we traveled throughout Myanmar and documented our observations through notes, photos, and videos. We traveled to Yangon, Mandalay, and Ayeyarwady to conduct our research. Our video clips encapsulate the stories of our study participants in a visual form and our reports detail portions of their realities. Our research had two main limitations: 1) one in-depth interview had to be conducted over the phone and 2) a handful of participants refused to answer all of the questions.



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