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Awaaz.De’s voice messaging platform enables client organizations to efficiently address their “last mile” connectivity challenges. End users can listen to client generated voice messages and apply what they hear to their work and personal lives.

Although measuring social impact across a variety of different social sectors and client organizations is inherently difficult, our field research has led to a standard and efficient social impact survey Awaaz.De can use to track social impact. The survey is designed to be administered over the phone through individual, synchronous voice exchanges between a survey administrator and respondent (a client’s end-user). An asynchronous, automated administration method may be possible in the future, once the survey questions have been sufficiently tested.

The survey described in this report consists of 10 questions. We believe these 10 questions will help Awaaz.De gain more qualitative and quantitative insights into how their mobile communication platform is positively (or negatively) affecting the end users’ lives. During our time in the field, we found these questions to be the most effective in indentifying and measuring Awaaz.De’s social impact. We believe this survey gets Awaaz.De closer to a valid way of assessing the social impact of its voice messaging platform as it contributes to increased knowledge, awareness of resources, change in behavior, change in income/profit, competence, and personal growth of end-users.

A fundamental challenge to this project was developing a mobile social impact survey across social sectors. End users were receiving voice messages from one of several different client organizations in different social sectors. Some clients use Awaaz.De’s technology in a supportive manner while others use the technology as the sole method of reaching rural communities.

After validating this survey, we recommend Awaaz.De develop a mobile social impact survey for each social sector in the future. By segmenting the end users by sector, we believe Awaaz.De will be able to better track and more deeply understand the social impact of their technology.



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