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Nazava sells its water filters to create social impact as measured by improved health, monetary savings, time savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions. In order to validate this impact model, two Global Social Benefit Fellows conducted research from June to August 2016 across three islands in Indonesia, to gather data from 87 participants, 70 of whom completed a semi-structured interview and mobile survey while the remaining 17 completed a semi-structured interview only. The research team conducted interviews to gather qualitative information on the social impact metrics in Sabu and Kupang. During this time, the mobile survey was pilot tested with 11 participants in Sabu and Kupang so that it could be revised for clarity and accuracy. More interviews and the revised survey were completed with the remaining participants on Java Island, which allowed for more qualitative and quantitative data collection. This social impact assessment details the quantitative and qualitative findings on health benefits, monetary savings, and time savings as concluded from the survey and interview data.

The study indicates that health benefits are more evident in remote and isolated communities such as Sabu Island where purified water is hard to access and the value of purification is not well understood. Across our study we found that the Nazava users surveyed saved on average 2 hours and 40 minutes per week on water purification activities after purchasing the filter. This represents an approximately 60 percent reduction in time spent on the process of obtaining purified water. Similarly, quantitative data gathered through the mobile survey indicates that Nazava users surveyed saved on average 22,000 Indonesian Rupiah (US $1.71) per week on water purification materials, a decrease of approximately 50 percent. Lastly, other factors that beneficiaries reported during semi-structured interviews demonstrated additional impacts on general quality of life for filter users.

This report presents an analysis of Nazava's impact model concerning time savings, monetary savings and health benefits. It analyzes the depth of impact Nazava filters are having on beneficiaries in regards to each of these dimensions across a variety of geographic locations.



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