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Bana is experiencing a critical growth period, a Transition-to-Scale. During this transition, Bana management must re-examine and refine their impact model. In particular, as Bana grows they are realizing a much broader impact beyond their core impact of women’s agency; Bana’s programs and products are also improving the health of women and girls. To maximize these potential impacts, Bana must carefully and objectively evaluate their work. To that end, Bana management, in conjunction with Christina Egwim and Déjà Thomas, Global Social Benefit Fellows from the Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship (referred to as ‘fellows’ from here on), has created the following monitoring and evaluation plan to track the various health impacts that Bana has on the community.

The two tools outlined in the following plan are a health report and an interview guide to examine the impact Bana has on health in the community. The tools also serve as a method for continuous learning and improvement of Bana products and education. First, the health report tool will help Bana examine the relationship between sales and services data of the report catchment area and incidents of acute infections and conditions related to menstruation. This will help Bana further understand the relationship between their community-focused health and menstruation trainings and the self-managing and treatment seeking of women and girls in those communities. To implement this tool, Bana is forming official partnerships with health clinics that they have some prior experience working with. The second tool - the interview guide - will give a voice and story to Bana’s customers and supporting community. The interview guide will provide further granularity to health report data and also explore other concepts to tailor their products and services to improve impact. As Bana scales, their business and impact models will change, and the qualitative data will validate that the new business model functions for optimal impact.



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