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Because of the cultural and historical barriers that women encounter entering into the work force, generating livelihood for women is a challenging, yet vital, task. The DREAM for Women program, operating out of Kolkata, India, provides women with three months of vocational training for five days each week. Following completion of the course, the women divide into several small, cooperative-style businesses, supported by the DREAM team.

Currently, the members of the DREAM team are working to best utilize IT to support the DREAM program. Introductory computer classes have begun at some of the technical skills training centers for the women and a ten-lesson curriculum introducing computers has been developed to assist this IT integration. DREAM can also integrate IT through developed PR.

Program Description_ Developing Rural Entrepreneurs Through Adoption and Mentoring.pdf (58 kB)
Program Description: Developing Rural Entrepreneurs Through Adoption and Mentoring

Anudip & DREAM Program Case Study_ Diamond Harbor.pdf (4405 kB)
Anudip & DREAM Program Case Study: Diamond Harbor

DREAM Tailoring Center Profile_ Baruipara.pdf (1133 kB)
DREAM Tailoring Center Profile: Baruipara

DREAM Tailoring Center Profile_ Mankar.pdf (1244 kB)
DREAM Tailoring Center Profile: Mankar

DREAM Tailoring Center Profile_ Probartak Seva Niketan.pdf (1293 kB)
DREAM Tailoring Center Profile: Probartak Seva Niketan



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