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In 2005, a group of social entrepreneurs created Anudip Foundation with the goal of providing IT, life skills, and livelihood training for the rural poor in India, focusing primarily on women and youth. Since Anudip’s inception in 2005 the organization has trained over 15,000 people who have been placed with over 400 different employers. Anudip’s success is based on its teaching of Market Aligned Skills Training, also known as M.A.S.T., which is a set of curriculum that covers English, workplace readiness, and IT, equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in the modern day workforce. Following the success of M.A.S.T., the founders of Anudip recognized a need for increased employment opportunities in the technology sector for economically disadvantaged areas. In response to this need, the founders expanded the nonprofit by creating iMerit, a for-­‐profit counterpart that contracts with domestic and international companies on IT projects, providing services such as digital publishing, data management, and the Global Service Desk.



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