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Fundación Paraguaya has made an immense positive impact in assisting the poorest of the poor in Paraguay through its extensive microfinance program. Serving over 50,000 clients, including 2,400 women's committees, Fundación Paraguaya is a leader in moving towards providing accessible credit for all. It is also an industry leader in providing a holistic approach to microfinance that includes educational components and the opportunity to participate in a microfranchise program supported by the organization. We had the unique opportunity to observe firsthand the way that microfinance functions in the real world as interns at Fundación Paraguaya. In this report, we will critically examine the strengths and weaknesses we observed at Fundación Paraguaya in several areas: organizational structure; market demands and consumer behavior; education, support, and relationships; and poverty impact measurement. Our hope is that these observations and corresponding recommendations can assist Fundación Paraguaya in capitalizing on it's strengths and minimizing its weaknesses moving forward.



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