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This guide was produced for the purpose of compiling and organizing the information and techniques from Taonga Agro-Forestry Programme developed by Bornface Hangala at Chikuni Parish. This guide is meant to aid with the future development of a full agro-forestry curriculum by providing a comprehensive list of important topics and methods that can be formed into lessons. The guide can also serve as useful resource for mentors and students who may need additional information about the concepts presented by the future curriculum. Although this guide was created specifically for the Chikuni Parish Taonga programme, the concepts within can, and should, be shared with other organizations looking to implement similar programs in other areas. The guide is intended to be a compilation of techniques and theory that can be used in a variety of situations in many different countries and by no means should be restricted to the Chikuni area. Sharing of the content is highly encouraged especially to organizations similar to Chikuni Parish Taonga.



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