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In "Paths To Political Incorporation For Latinos and Asian Pacifies in California," Steven P. Erie, Harold Brackman, and James Warren Ingram Ill (Erie et al.) examined the potentials and barriers for political incorporation of Latinos, African Americans, and Asian Pacifies in California. According to their findings, they argue that a bi-racial political coalition between Latinos and Asian Pacifies is likely based on the following factors: language and immigration issues. They stated:

Regarding a possible Latino alliance with Asian Pacifies, there appears to be a strong basis for collaboration on behalf of an immigrant rights agenda and in opposition to resurgent Anglo nativism. The two groups converge to the center on attitudes about economic development and crime, facilitating coalition building. However, the prospects for a durable alliance remain problematic ... The most serious barrier to constructing a Latino/Asian Pacific coalition may be political rather than socioeconomic. Because of diffuse and commingled Latino and Asian Pacific residential patterns in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, political rivalries are structurally built into ongoing reapportionment dynamics (Erie, Brackman, and Warren Ill, 1993, p. 4).

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National Asian Pacific American Political Almanac, Eight Edition


Don T. Nakanishi
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