ETHN 165: Community-based Research Methods provides students with the epistemological, theoretical and ethical foundations for engaging in community-based research methodologies with diverse communities. Students examine feminist, decolonial and anti-oppressive methodologies toward engaging in research justice for social change. Through community-based research collaborations students develop projects with the explicit intent of decolonizing and democratizing knowledge production. Students learn about community-based research, a paradigm that involves participants and researchers working together to identify a problem or issue affecting people’s lives, collecting and analyzing data to learn more about the problem, and developing actions to address it. This page features student ETHN 165 research papers that highlight their projects, many of which are centered on SCU BIPOC student experiences, first-gen student experiences, and DEI project that unearth the histories of student activism at SCU, including the MCC, OML, and ETHN and WGST Departments.


Submissions from 2023


Ethnic Studies, the Diversity Requirement, and Multicultural Education at Santa Clara University, Nicole Rumfola

Submissions from 2021


Filipinx/a/o-American College Students and Mental Health, Gabi Sicat