Envision Tomorrow: Using prototype buildings and scenariomodeling to measure carbon footprint

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Lincoln Institute of Land Policy


Envision Tomorrow, a suite of urban and regional planning tools developed by Fregonese Associates, is used to model land use decisions at a range of scales. At the site level, this tool can be used to identify financially feasible development opportunities and pinpoint ways to adjust existing land use regulations to encourage new development. At the neighborhood scale, various mixes of buildings and other attributes (e.g., streets, parkland) can be compiled to evaluate the implications of different styles of development. These buildings and development types can be used to create land use scenarios at the district, city, county, and regional scales. The Envision Tomorrow tool also includes the ability to model the energy use, water use, and carbon footprint of potential development at the building, district, and regional scenario levels.

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Urbanplanning tools for climate change mitigation


Patrick M. Condon
Duncan Cavens
Nicole Miller