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With the development of technology, we opened a world, not only to new ideas and innovations but also to the world of pornography. Pornography has invaded our culture, in music, television shows, movies even social media. Advocates for the production and consumption of pornography claim pornography to be a form of self-expression that is healthy and essential to discovering their sexual experiences. However, this paper argues that the lack of regulation is contributing to the damaging effects pornography has on the consumers’ psyche and behavior, it is also factoring into our society’s decline of public health. This claim is supported from a psychological and sociological standpoint by incorporating research that verifies the negative effects of pornography usage, such as the loss of brain matter, increased compulsive tendencies, and its promotion of an askew societal perception. This paper also explores and analyses underage consumption patterns with current gaps in internet pornography statistics due to recent findings of the sensitivity of the teenage brain. Next steps to regulate the consumption of pornography are explored, including adding a pornography section in current sex education classes, conducting pornography consumption questionnaires in yearly doctor visits, and further research exploring not only the consumer but those within the pornography business as well. Finding the direct and indirect effects of pornography consumption will help legation build laws to protect the public health.


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