Inter-Abled and Adaptable Arcade Controls and Cabinet

Emma Berry
Raquel Macias


A considerable void exists in the digital gaming space, with a distinct lack of feasible control solutions for disabled gamers. The project aims to bridge this gap via a proof-of-concept arcade machine with interchangeable control surfaces, each catering to a different physical disability. In particular, the control boards aim to address the lack of accessibility of individuals with arthritis, as well as those with the use of only a single arm. To such an end, we design and implement STM32-based controllers which connect and interact directly with the host computer. Despite technical hardships, our results show that comprehensive control solutions for disabled gamers can be implemented with relative ease and low-cost materials. In addition, each controller is able to be swapped with another at any time, allowing for a single system to accommodate multiple users with differing disabilities. The designs presented in this paper can easily be developed into a commercial product, and gaming-centric companies have the ethical impetus to do so.