Date of Award


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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2019


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Sarah Kate Wilson

Second Advisor

Behnam Dezfouli


WASP’s goal is to augment and eventually replace the bulky, costly, and complex data acquisition systems used for vibrational reliability tests on satellites. As a mechanism to guarantee that a spacecraft is mechanically durable and strong enough to withstand the acceleration forces experienced on the vessel during launch, companies conduct vibrational experiments on their spacecrafts by subjecting them to high G-force events. Using wired accelerometers connected to obstructive cables, the mounting process and test setups required to perform such experiments are expensive, laborious, and have the potential to generate measurement inaccuracies. We developed a low-cost, battery-powered module, designed for engineers, to replace the current sensors and data acquisition systems with a wireless solution. This will enable precise testing of conditions on a smaller time frame and at a lower cost and help eliminate the disadvantages of a wired system. A custom circuit board has been fabricated containing the critical measurement and processing components required to realize this objective, as well as a complete software solution to facilitate data transmission to a wireless router over WiFi.

Available for download on Friday, July 17, 2020