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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2017.


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Shoba Krishnan


The Waterless light fountain is born from the need for art projects for Franklin street in Santa Clara University than is going to be remodeled into an arts and history paseo, one of the ideas discussed was to determine if there may be a way to develop a waterless light fountain that could be displayed either on a temporary or permanent basis. In this paper, we will explain the design process and build of the fountain, using Neopixels (RGB LEDs) to generate the light used as the main art element. An Arduino is used as the control unit, controlling the Neopixels and receiving input data from the user interface, composed by arcade buttons and a LCD screen with a mounted touchscreen, where users can interact with the fountain by choosing between four different modes of operation, including light shows where LEDs light up in preprogramed sequences, some games as Simon-says or choosing the color of each LED with the help of the touchscreen and light shows combined with music through the performance of a spectrum analyzer controlled by a raspberry pi where the LEDs dance with the music. In the end, the fountain is going to be placed in the engineering building as the design is not minted to endurance the outdoors conditions.