Might-E Wheel

Abigail Grills
Daniel Doke
Jared O'Rourke
Zach Jesberger


Electric bikes are proving to be an increasingly reliable source of transportation, but with large price tags and existing conversion kits proving too complicated and unapproachable for the average user, commuters are failing to consider electric bicycles as an option. A prototype of a wireless, rear-wheel replacement to convert a bicycle from manual to full-power electric was built. This motorized wheel is called Might-E Wheel. Might-E Wheel was designed as the most approachable and user-friendly way to convert a bicycle from manual to full-power electric. Might-E Wheel was able to achieve a top speed of 27.5 km/h, a range of 24.6 km, and run at 311 W of power. Range tests were inconclusive. The fully assembled system weighed 6.8 kg. The system was found to adequately meet the goals of the project. Battery failure limited the testing of Might-E Wheel, but the system was found to run smoothly before the failure, which was unrelated to the system design. In the future, further tests are planned with new batteries. Also, further development of the product is desired in order to lower the weight and reduce the size of the system. Ideally, the next prototype of the system would consist of a custom built motor and a fully-enclosed system within the hub of the wheel.