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Delobsom, Dim (1897-1940), Burkinan author, canton chief, and civil servant, was born in Sao village, about 60 kilometers northwest of Ouagadougou, in the Mossi region of the presentday country of Burkina Faso. His mother was Datoumi Yaare, from the village of Kaonghin; and his father, Gueta Wagdogo, was the son of Yiougo, the naba (Mossi chief) of Sao. Naba Yiougo supported Mogho Naba Wobgo (Boukary Koutu), the principal king of the four Mossi kingdoms, against a rebelling vassal, the naba ofLalle. In 1896, Mogho Naba Wobgo supported Gueta Wagdogo to attain the chieftaincy (whereupon he assumed the name "Naba Piiga") after the death of Naba Yiougo. The meaning of Dim Delobsom's name, "The king has returned the favor:' acknowledged the relationship between the two rulers.

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Emmanuel K. Akyeampong
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