Project Omoverhi : low-cost, neonatal incubator

Richard Fong
Guillermo Gallardo
William Jeffery
Danny Maeda
Gabriel Romero


Project Omoverhi, since its beginning in 2010-2011, has been focused on creating an incubator that has the capability of operating completely off grid. This year the project has been focused on redesigning the original system to reduce the cost to approximately $1000. In addition to this we have designed and implemented a control system that enables the user to set a desired temperature which can be maintained to within 1 degree Celsius. Before the project is able to be completed further work must be done. The thermal storage system that was initially proposed by the original team still needs to be completed. Additionally the current prototype needs to be further tested and worked into a product that can easily be manufactured. Once the project is completed, hopefully it can be taken up by a non-profit organization to allow this product to be distributed to those in need of it.