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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

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Silvia Figueira


Good education is essential for youth around the world. However, many communities in the developing world do not have access to basic knowledge and resources, like HIV prevention, womens rights, and life skills. As a result, the youth in these communities grow up and face difficult substandard lives. The Mobile Educational Forum addresses these issues by enabling a central party to distribute educational information to youth in emerging markets by making use of resources they already have on hand--mobile phones. Through our mobile web application, young people not only receive valuable information, but are also able to engage in discourse with their peers in geographically remote areas. Users with basic phones without Wi-Fi may still benefit from our application, which allows them to be able to send and receive text messages from the central party. In this way, the Educational Forum hopes to create positive social change by bringing knowledge and empowerment to youth who are otherwise destined to continue to live in poverty and inequity.