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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

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Yi Fang


The takeout industry has benefited greatly from smartphone technology, but the dine- in experience has lagged behind. There are several major issues with the current dining experience, including how to split the check and how to address the issue of poor customer feedback. Some mobile and desktop apps have tired to address individual issues of the restaurant dining process, but there is no single platform that attempts to fix the experience as a whole. We begin by outlining the idea behind OmniSplit, a small to medium business solution that seeks to address many of these issues simultaneously. OmniSplit combines online food payments, individual item ratings, and splitting the check all in one system. We implemented a web application for restaurant staff members and an iOS app for restaurant customers. With the web application, restaurant staff can customize their menu and re- spond to incoming orders and payments. The platform can be expanded on in the future to include additional features, such as the ability to add images to a menu. The iOS app allows users to see the menus of restaurants hosted on OmniSplit, and gives them the option to order food in a group with their friends. At the end of ordering, users can leave ratings for the food they ate. We discuss what we can add in the future to expanding our system, including the ability to tip, ability to refund payments, and a way to view restaurant analytics. Finally, we discuss the societal impact of our system and conclusions we learned during implementation.