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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

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Ahmed Amer


The mobile music streaming project seeks to design a proof of concept iOS mobile application that leverages core technologies such as Bluetooth, media playback, and Multipeer Connectivity frameworks in order to create an ad-hoc peer-to-peer network used to stream music across mobile devices. A local network will be constructed and used for device communication as opposed to other music streaming services that use cellular and wireless networks. Our objective is to create a purely mobile environment that enables the streaming of audio between iOS-enabled devices to help facilitate localized music sharing and discovery. The iOS Core frameworks already provide full networking connectivity, UI features, and media playback -our project plans to combine these services into one package. The project as a proof of concept application was successful; however, there are some additional features that would complete the application such as audio synchronization and daisy-chaining devices over the network. In conclusion, the project was a successful learning venture that shows promise with future development.

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