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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Silvia Figueira


For our senior design project, we conducted research on the Android mobile operating system, looking for ways to improve it for the homeless. The problem with the current system is that it is designed for wealthier consumers, while less fortunate consumers such as the homeless have different requirements for them. In our researched, we attemepted to reconfigure the android operating system so that it would be more tailored to the homeless. We first researched what features the homeless value in a mobile device. We then determined how we could improve the battery life at a user configuration level based on the requirements of the homeless. Following these initial improvements, we determined how we could improve the battery life of the android system by modifying the source code. We found that more conservative use of the processor has a noticable affect on the systems battery life. We recommend developing a version of Android that uses the processor more conservatively by default to save battery life.