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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2023.


Computer Science and Engineering

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Kai Lukoff


For incoming students at Santa Clara University, it can be challenging and stressful to choose which campus housing to live in. Is it a social dorm or a quiet one? What types of students live here? Will we get along? Will I feel comfortable in the place I’ll call home for the next nine months? Santa Clara University offers very limited resources for choosing campus housing. With the overhead 2D room layouts and the “selfie stick” dorm tours that focus more on the resident director than the rooms, it is hard to discern the sociality of each space which is often a student’s top concern when choosing a residence hall. To fix this, along with portraying each residence hall in an AR/VR tour in which you can walk throughout the dorms, we aim to provide a sense of the unique social character of each residence hall. For example, as you move through the space, you might interact with virtual avatars that give you information about the sociality of the space. Drawing upon surveys and interviews, we will introduce the type of student that fits the social scene of each dorm, letting incoming freshmen up to graduating seniors the opportunity to find the dorm that best fits their needs and interests.