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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2021.


Computer Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Ahmed Amer


Augmented Reality (AR) technology has slowly seeped into the mainstream as many mobile phone manufacturers increasingly develop hardware and software that enable AR applications. While the technology has been available for the past few years, there are not many compelling AR applications available on mobile phones. Additionally, shared AR experiences are difficult to produce and share. In order to create a compelling AR application, we created StickARs, an iOS application that makes it easy to create and share AR experiences , by placing virtual stickers anywhere in the world.

StickARs allows users to choose from a predefined set of sticker templates, add text to stickers, and place them share them with the public, or with specific friends. Users can opt to add tags to their stickers, and subscribe to tags to see stickers that interest them.

The greatest obstacle we faced was our ability to create a world-scale shared experience. We split the entire world into equal sized chunks called worldmaps that users instantiate the first time they place a sticker at that location. This allows users to only download the worldmaps they actually visit. However due to geolocation and AR limitations, the transition between worldmaps is not quite as smooth as we had originally hoped. We hope that in the future, Apple will extend the functionality of their AR Application Programming Interface to allow larger-scale experiences, which will allow us to create a smoother shared AR experience.