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Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2019


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Yuhong Liu


Social media was designed to connect people to their peers and the world around them; however, the original intention of these platforms have changed to value profit over privacy and have created echo chambers that enable people to disassociate from their local community. As a solution, this paper proposes an anonymous, local, peer-to-peer social platform intended to increase local engagement and encourage freedom of information. This renovated social media, HearSay, doesnt keep track of usernames or messages and creates an anonymous environment for people to share opinions and ideas freely without the public pressures that current social media produces. Acting as a digital wordof- mouth, the system allows users to connect with their local communities by sending messages over a connection protocol that requires them to be within their device’s radio range. This system has no central entity the users must trust to keep their information secure which gives the people complete freedom as well as complete responsibility.

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