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Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Behnam Dezfouli


The majority of the energy within the United States is wasted. In addition, buildings such as apartment complexes and high-rises consume large amounts of energy, with commercial buildings wasting, on average, 30% of the energy that they consume. This issue leads to drastic consequences such as an increase in carbon footprint and high energy costs. With this in mind, our team was inspired to create a solution that decreases energy consumption and cost. Our project achieves this goal with a scalable and personalized smart home system that caters to individual users’ needs while conserving energy on a large scale. Our solution, SmartSys, cuts energy consumption as well as energy costs through interaction with IoT devices, an architecture that includes a combination of database-centric and event-driven data flows, and various technologies including sensors and machine learning. As a result of single room testing, we estimate that SmartSys will help indivdual users save over $1000 over a time period of 20 years in addition to saving a city with 20 apartment complexes over 150 million KWh after 20 years. For future work, we hope to decrease the fixed cost of SmartSys to make our solution have an even greater impact on energy cost savings while maintaining its energy saving performance. In addition, we hope to engage in multiple room testing as well as scale SmartSys to function throughout a large building.