Date of Award


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Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Ahmed Amer


Increasingly in recent years, there has been a surge in independent Computer Graphics (CG) based art projects ranging from 3D animated short films to large scale cinematic productions with complicated visual effects. These productions have highlighted the technical and logistical difficulties associated with creating professional CG content as well as the need for a more robust suite of technologies to support a possibly globally distributed workflow and digital art pipeline. The Pipeworks Project aims to solve these problems by introducing a novel approach to CG asset management and the transfer of digital art content based on a cloud-based suite of tools. These tools are intended to provide small to medium-sized teams the necessary digital infrastructure to collaborate globally on any number of productions modeled on a distributed workflow paradigm. The project will also include the introduction of a new UI design language, Spout UI, which is specifically designed for use in creating CG art software.