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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Silvia Figueira


Data management and analysis can become an overwhelming task when having to deal with large amounts of data. Fundación Paraguaya (FP), an organization that aims at reducing poverty in Paraguay, currently has been facing this data readability issue. The data from electronic surveys conducted by FP to measure poverty levels in different areas of Paraguay are currently presented in a complex and overwhelming manner via Excel spreadsheet. This method of data representation increases the risk of committing errors, as well as slows down the process of efficiently locating the areas of greatest needs and allocating the resources to these areas. Our Dynamic Poverty Heat Map web application proposes to eliminate that issue for Fundación Paraguaya by visually representing same amount of data gathered with a heat map. Through this senior thesis describes the methodology for the development of a heat map as our solution for better data representation and readability, as well as all the implementation that it underwent. We will also discuss our test plan and collaboration with Fundación Paraguaya and HP in Ireland in working to develop a product specific for a client. Our web application helped facilitate the process of narrowing down the data to certain departments and survey questions for the means of easy analysis and comparison. Ultimately, the Dynamic Poverty Heat Map increases the speed with which Fundación Paraguaya can locate and distribute resources of greatest need.