Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Computer Engineering (MCompE)


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Weijia Shang


Since the advent of the microprocessor in the 1970s, the market for consumer electronics has exploded with new devices changing the way we live and do business. Today, mobile phones, cameras, PCs, iPads, mp3 players, network media players, security systems, automation and IT systems, all have common functionality and there is an increasing need for unification of access to all these devices around a common server based architecture to unlock the benefits of smart integration and to simplify access for the end user.

IHS project is designed to provide to its business and home owners a unified network for all IT and electronic systems within a home or an office. This system integrates security, surveillance, access and attendance, home automation, audio and video players, File Server, Email Server, SMS Server (Texting), HTTP Proxy Server, DHCP Server, a caching DNS Server, Web Server and an internet gateway with an automatic virus scanner.

In fact, it is a comprehensive system that completely governs a place wherever it is installed and provides integrated remotely accessible infrastructure for a Home or Business. Access to all home and business systems is available from any computer on the LAN, the internet and mobile phone.

IHS is built around the Gateman Lifestyle Server which uses the robust Enterprise Linux Kernel CEntOS 5 and is written in Java. It can be accessed from Windows, MAC, Linux machines and i-phones as well as from any device that has a Java script enabled web browser. The device driver architecture allows additional electronic hardware to be incorporated making it relevant and extendable well into the future.