Date of Award


Document Type



Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2023.

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Shiva Jahangiri


Efficient data management is crucial in complex computer systems, and Database Management Systems (DBMS) are indispensable for handling and processing large datasets. In DBMSs that concurrently execute multiple queries, adapting to varying workloads is desirable. Yet, predicting the fluctuating quantity and size of queries in such environments proves challenging. Over-allocating resources to a single query can impede the execution of future queries while under-allocating resources to a query expecting increased workload can lead to significant processing delays. Moreover, join operations place substantial demands on memory. This resource’s availability fluctuates as queries enter and exit the DBMS. The development of join operators capable of dynamically adapting to memory fluctuations is a complex undertaking, with few recent authors proposing memory-adaptive algorithms. This scarcity of proposals suggests the inherent difficulty in designing, implementing, and analyzing such algorithms.

This thesis proposes a new memory adaptive Hash-Based join algorithm extended from designs presented by prior authors. This algorithm is implemented and experimented with in a real DBMS environment to evaluate its memory fluctuation responsiveness. A mathematical model for the increase in I/O caused by it is proposed and compared with actual results. The impacts of memory variation and frequence of memory updates reveal the importance of this thesis for further development of memory adaptive algorithms.