Re-Engineering BLUE Financial System Using Round-Trip Engineering and JAVA Language Conversion Assistant

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International Conference on Software Engineering Research & Practice


Conversion of legacy software applications into a new technology platform is common in many of today’s ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) companies. The objective is to improve performance, as a result of modeling important aspects and features through the development of conversion technologies. Much focus has been made on devising efficient methodologies in software architecture research. This paper presents a combination of round-trip engineering (RTE) and use of JAVA Language Conversion Assistant (JLCA) to migrate legacy software applications developed in multiple programming languages into a uniform object-oriented platform. This re-engineering process is applied to MB-Risk Management’s BLUE TM Financial System software. An automated process is derived to migrate code from VJ++ (Visual JAVA TM), C, and C++ (as used in BLUE TM) to a consistent C # platform. The results of conversion show an overall efficiency of 93 % of full code conversion for this automated process.