A software architecture for modeling competitive power systems

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This paper presents a software model of agent-based competitive power systems. The model consists of software objects (agents) that represent individual system components and other administrative entities. Each of these agents has two characteristics: state (physical characteristics, limitations, record values, etc.) and behavior (operation and control, business strategies, performance, local and global interactions, etc.). An agent maintains its state in variables and implements its behavior with methods. We define software objects in terms of classes built by sets of attributes and member functions. The objects interact with each other via message passing. These interactions are mapped into functional procedures reflecting objects' intelligence to optimize performance while ensuring reliable system operation. We give snapshots of the C++ code to illustrate developed concepts.


Published in: 2000 IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.00CH37077)

Date of Conference: 23-27 January 2000

Date Added to IEEE Xplore: 06 August 2002