Framework Design for Smart Micro-Grids

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Energynautics GmbH


The 3DMicroGrid project is developing a hybrid control architecture for AC microgrids, incorporating both centralized and decentralized principles in a multi-agent scheme. Software components are being developed and tested using models based on real-world pilot sites under different topologies, locations and sizes. To assess the results from both the simulation models and the control paradigms created, various key performance indicators (KPls) have been defined, encompassing economic and technical terms such as assets costs, environmental aspects, quality of supply, voltage and frequency control performance in island operation. The microgrid system of the German Jordanian University (GJU) is used as a pilot site in the simulations. The evaluation of selected indicators for certain simulation scenarios are presented to reveal the site and modelling constraints. The results, will later also be used to benchmark the 3DMicroGrid control framework. Integration of the envisioned control software with the simulation environment will allow further real-timne performance evaluation in preparation of potential on-site deployment.


3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop, Spain.