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Device-to-device (D2D) communication has been increasingly attractive due to its great potential to improve cellular communication performance. While resource allocation optimization for improving the spectrum efficiency is of interest in the D2D-related work, communication security, as a key issue in the system design, has not been well investigated yet. Recently, a few studies have shown that D2D users can actually serve as friendly jammers to help enhance the security of cellular user communication against eavesdropping attacks. However, only a few studies considered the security of D2D communications. In this paper, we consider the secure resource allocation problem, particularly, how to assign resources to cellular and the D2D users to maximize the system security. To solve this problem, we propose an extensive game-based algorithm aiming at strengthening the security of both cellular and the D2D communications via system resource allocation. Finally, the simulation results show that the proposed method is able to efficiently improve the overall system security when compared to existing studies.


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