Kinetics of the photolysis of bis(triethylphosphine)dichloroplatinum(II) in chloroform

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Under 254 nm irradiation [Pt(Et3P)2Cl2] in chloroform is converted to H2PtCl6. Absorption of light by both the metal complex and the solvent contributes to the first of this process, suggested to form HPt(Et3P)Cl3. The rate law for the reaction can be expressed as afR + bfRfSt, bfRfst, where fR and fs represent the fraction of light absorbed by the metal complex and the solvent, respectively, and t is the elapsed time. The direct dependence of the rate on the time of reaction was proposed to arise from an increasing concentration of HCl, which can react with the excited state metal complex to yield HPt(Et3P)Cl3.