Date of Award

Spring 2022

Document Type



Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

First Advisor

Aria Amirbahman


The rural Kenyan community of Oldonya Rasha had depended on water from a distant spring of unknown quality from which there have been reports of typhoid. A non-governmental organization, Sabore’s Well, built the centrally-located Supetai Well with the intention of solving the lack of accessible potable water, but due to high fluoride levels in the groundwater, this water source is unsafe. The team designed a water treatment system to be integrated into the existing well infrastructure that removes fluoride and pathogens to meet Kenyan and World Health Organization (WHO) water quality standards. The design includes dosage of alum and soda ash; a parshall flume for chemical mixing and coagulation; a vertical impeller flocculator; a sedimentation basin; a slow sand filter; and a final holding tank with inline chlorinators for disinfection. The system supports a conservative load estimate to be a consistent and dependable potable water source, and was designed to empower the community with self-sufficiency after the initial development. The team will deliver the design to the client along with a cost estimate, sludge management and disposal procedure, a non-technical operation and maintenance manual, and a community education plan.