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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

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Tracy Abbott


This project focuses on designing a facility for the elderly in a small rural town called Mixtlan, Jalisco, Mexico. A team member who is from Mixtlan recommended the specific location. She was approached by a coordinator who had just received good news of a property that was going to be donated specifically for a facility used by the elderly. There are many elderly who have been left behind by their families and no one to take care of them. The home that they currently reside in is very small and is share by other people for different uses. After consulting with our advisors, it was determined that the project team could design a one story facility that would be made out of concrete masonry unit, steel beams, and steel columns which will support a metal deck roof. The project's main goal was to maximize the land space by providing an efficient, and spacious building for the elderly. The building will consist of shared bedrooms, patient exam rooms, multipurpose room, kitchen and backyard space.

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