Date of Award

Spring 2020

Document Type



Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2020.


Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

First Advisor

Tracy Abbott

Second Advisor

Tonya Nilsson


LifeMoves, an organization that provides interim housing and supportive services to families and individuals experiencing homelessness, recently purchased 0.35 acres of land, located at 1759 Hester Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128. LifeMoves has challenged the design team to provide preliminary building layouts, a structural alternative analysis, construction management plans, and general civil plans for a multi-story, family-friendly, interim housing facility, which has been named Hester Gardens. The design team considered both steel, a traditional building material, and shipping containers, a sustainable alternative building material, for this project. Each alternative included a structural design and analysis, as well as a cost estimate and construction schedule. A conceptual plan, site and building layout, utility plan, necessary mock permits, and a recommended alternative plan was drawn for LifeMoves. The finished design documents, models, and printed plan drawings were turned over to LifeMoves.