Date of Award

Spring 2019

Document Type



Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2019


Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

First Advisor

Reynaud Serrette


Lying in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the City of Santa Clara is a hotbed of development and has long been viewed as the model for rapid development, as the area needs to keep up with the demands of the rapidly growing technology industry. For this senior design project, the team decided to address this issue of massive urban growth by proposing a development design that is both sustainable and establishes a community feel that enhances local growth and business. The team drew initial inspiration from San Jose based The CORE Companies’ Agrihood project, a community development already in progress at the site that the team chose, across from Valley Fair Shopping Center. Using some of the basics of the already proposed Agrihood project, the team’s Santa Clara Sustainable Community (SCSC) focused on cultivating a community in which people work, play, and live while prioritizing sustainability to combat the rapid growth that the technology boom in the Silicon Valley is causing. The team has expanded the site to include and integrate the existing Veterans Center and also added and completely designed a cooperative workspace building that includes an updated Veterans Center with the goal of integration all parts of the community. In addition, the team designed the structural components of two apartment buildings, which will also be integrated, as opposed to separate buildings for different socioeconomic groups. Along with all of structural design and layout of the site, the team also designed all of the water resource components of the site including the potable, stormwater, and sanitary sewer design.