Date of Award

Fall 2018

Document Type



Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Rachel He

Second Advisor

Hisham Said


The existing four cloverleaf design of the I-680 Mission Boulevard Interchange in Fremont, California, was analyzed at merge, diverge, basic, and weaving freeway segments. After the traffic analysis of all the segments, the critical segment for redesign was the merge segment of I-680 South to Mission Boulevard westbound, due to a failing Level of Service. Over a span of 17 years (2018-2035) a comparison of the current condition and the redesign was executed for crashes, congestion, air pollution, noise, greenhouse gases, and required road facilities and traffic services. The construction costs of the redesign as well as aesthetic, health, disaster mitigation, and environmental impacts were also considered for a life cycle analysis. A concrete was designed for this redesign to maximize sustainability, while keeping strength, and improving early strength gain. The concrete was tested in accordance with ASTM C109 standard. Strength results were recorded at seven days and 28 days.