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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2017.


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Hisham Said

Second Advisor

Tracy Abbott


John Brown University hosted the 6th annual Disaster Shelter Relief Competition in April 2017 for which the team built a prototype shelter and proposed a camp plan. Both the shelter and the camp plan were designed to house refugees coming into Greece from the Middle East. The shelter would accommodate a family of four and the camp plan was designed to hold 1250 shelters, or 5000 people. The shelter was built on site at John Brown University and was required to take less than two hours to fully construct. This report summarizes the work the team did for the competition, including a review of existing shelter designs currently in use, a description of the method of design of the prototype, validation that the prototype meets the criteria, a discussion of the cultural appropriateness of the shelter to the scenario, suggested modifications and improvements that can be made, photos and drawings of the prototype, and the camp plan.