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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Edwin Maurer

Second Advisor

Laura Doyle


This project focuses on the restoration of a 460-foot reach of Stevens Creek in Santa Clara County, California. The new design will increase the stability of stream channels, riparian system functions, and fish passage while improving or maintaining the "level of service" based on geomorphic data. This project was completed in conjunction with the Santa Clara Valley Water District's standards and design criteria. The proposed design is needed to increase the stability of stream banks and rectify stream bed incision. This will, in turn, provide greater flood protection to the residents of Santa Clara County. In addition to safety for the nearby community, the environment immediately surrounding Stevens Creek will reap benefits from a geomorphic stream design that will result in lower maintenance costs by promoting sediment balance throughout the creek. Lastly, the rehabilitated creek will allow native steelhead trout to continue to swim upstream.