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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

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Sukhmander Singh


The area from north of the San Mateo Bridge to Hayward Landing in the city of Hayward is at risk of flooding due to thirty-six inch sea level rise in the next 50-100 years. The areas that the this flooding would have a negative environmental impact as well as impact businesses and other residents near the project area. To protect these areas new shoreline protection was proposed. To begin designing new shore protection, the existing levee was analyzed on GeoSlope after doing numerous soil testing. It was found that the existing levee would fail against overtopping. After evaluating three alternatives, designing a horizontal levee was found to be the most efficient solution because it is sustainable, able to preserve most of the project area's natural features, and is within reasonable costs. The new horizontal levee is sufficient enough to protect against all possible failure modes after a thirty-six inch sea level rise.