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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Tracy Abbott

Second Advisor

Hisham Said


The purpose of this project is to propose a resigned structure to better suit the activities of the Santa Clara University Multicultural Center. The renovation entails proposing a preliminary structural design system that includes a new, light-weight PLN3 metal deck roofing system provided by Verco Decking, Inc. Nine deep long span 56DLH truss joists will be implemented to support the metal deck. Two large trusses comprised of member sizes HSS9x9x½ and LL3½x3½x5/16x3/8 will be used to support the nine truss joists. Four concrete columns, 15 ft in height and 2 ft in diameter, will be erected to uphold each end of the two steel trusses. Lastly, column footings of 4.5'x4.5'x3.0' will be used to support each concrete column. The architectural components of the renovation aim to include a complete redesign of the existing common area of the original building as well as implementing an extension to allow for more space. The architectural components include a new general meeting area layout, four private study rooms, one conference room, a desk reception and storage facility area, as well as an emergency exit extension and multipurpose activity center. The total cost of renovation is estimated to be $864,341.00 with a cost per square foot of $156.58. The duration of this project is expected to last 11 weeks, starting from June 15 to August 28.