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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

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Edwin Maurer

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Steven Chiesa


Walden West Outdoor Science School is a science camp in the hills of Saratoga where children learn science as it relates to the environment and the importance of using sustainable practices. A full-scale bioswale was designed to capture and reuse the rainwater runoff from the main parking lot and lodge on the site. To encourage future implementation of the design as well as to provide a learning tool for future science camps, a model bioswale was built using materials required in actual bioswale construction. A synthetic water sample was developed to mimic the characteristics of rainwater runoff. The synthetic sample was applied to the model bioswale and water quality analyses were performed on the water collected from the bottom of the model in an attempt to exhibit the effectiveness of bioswales. In addition, a curriculum was created for the students at Walden West to teach them about bioswales and their effects on water quality.