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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

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Tracy Abbott


The purpose of this senior design project is to design the movable span and foundations for the movable span and its static spans for the Dumbarton Rail Bridge as a part of the Dumbarton Rail Corridor initiative. The project scope includes design of the movable span superstructure and determination of pile depth and capacity. This project only concerns replacing the existing movable span. The movable span for the bridge will be replaced with 3 static spans and a rolling bascule bridge. The length of the center span that will be removed is 318ft and will be replaced by the rolling bascule bridge with a length of 150ft. The remaining space would be replaced by the 3 static spans. This project will include member selection for the Rolling Bascule Bridge superstructure, considering dead, live, and impact loads from the railroad deck, rail traffic, and self-weight of the superstructure, including the counterweight. The design method used is the Load Resistance Factor Design method as described in the American Institute of Steel Construction Manual. The static spans have been designed to determine the area of steel needed only to determine weights for the foundations. Foundation designs were completed using the Allowable Stress Design method. The foundations comprise of a pile cap and a pile group. Pile capacity was determined using local boring log and vane shear testing data. Two different pile caps were designed to meet the two major foundation load conditions, referred to as the Counterweight Side and the Non-Counterweight Side.

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