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Civil Engineering


A section of California's Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta levees was analyzed to develop a remedial design. The levee section that was evaluated was provided by Kleinfelder, along with the corresponding soils report. The soils report was utilized in order to create a general cross-section that was modeled using the GEO-Slope program. From the initial analysis of the levee section, three remedial designs were created. These designs include: a seepage berm, cutoff wall, and toe drain. The remedial designs were based off of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Design and Construction of Levees, prepared in April 2000, see Appendix A. It was determined that the seepage berm was the best choice for this particular levee section due to the cost and ease of construction and available space to install the berm. The cutoff wall was determined to be too expensive and difficult to construct due to the depth required to remediate the failure mode(s). If space is not available, a toe drain is recommended as the design solution.

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