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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

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Steven Chiesa


Untreated wastewater is highly destructive to human health and the environment. Choosing an island location, Pulau Siladen, which has no wastewater treatment solution, the design team embarked upon designing a centralized collection and treatment system to treat the island population's wastewater, in the interests of preserving human health and the sensitive coral reefs surrounding the island. This system features a gravity sewer system, flow equalization, sequencing batch reactor, sand filter and disinfection as part of the treatment process. This project will emphasize the reduction in use of highly specialized and manufactured components, in an effort to minimize the economic, environmental and societal impacts of implementing this project. Due to the large scale of this project, it is estimated that 1 more year of work by a senior design project team will be necessary to see this design in a state ready to be implemented on the island.